Random Thoughts on the Chinese Traditional Culture

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This is merely my idea how to bridge the traditional culture via cross cultural communications to the world culture and economy.

I have began the stone carving in Suzhou already and seek to do more…
The thing is, any culture which does not participate in or contribute to the economy will be sacrificed and replaced… the mostly successful business is now already culture, those Chinese cultural staffs  just have to be cultivated to have such economic awareness and participate in the economy.
Stone carving business is good, but those guys bridged by the successful businessmen who buy and brand their stones with the cross cultural communication which is not transparent, and that leaves a gap betwixt the traditional stone carvers to the world economy… This is not participant economy but manipulated economy… If such communication replaced by cross-communication betwixt them and the world economy via young guys, they shall be participants and the young guys will preserve lots of culture… Only openness and transparency will save them… this will also work with paintings, music…
This is merely my sequence of thinking for the time being…
I think there’s great deculturation and dehumanisation in China with the GDP raised, but more mindless people who follow the outer-value which is money, car, flat and marriage for security. Such outer-value is cultivated because by attaching the the meanings to the outer materials and by by pursuing them they can feel identical with the meanings/values which they attach to the outer materials to feel good – yes, by attach those outer materials to them. That’s also to bridge the gap betwixt the self and the world outer…
And there’s currently no democratic eduction which cultivates people in thinking for themselves, using their own reason and to have confidence in being different from the outer-value, and be participating in the economy as equal individuals with what he/she was gifted, learnt, has got or can do for the betterment of the humanity via economy, yes participatory economy
Now the internet makes information and education open to all as well, unbranastion is not necessary in Hangzhou which seeks to be another souless Shanghai, small studios are OK with the new economy with the cloud computing which makes the work more mobile… plus the light light railways which connects the towns with the urbans
There’s lots of cultural richness which is sacrificed for the urbanisation and economy,  this is also largely because these cultural folks are not engaged in the participatory economy nor are they educated with the economic awareness or the technology which get them engaged themselves with the economy. and they are replaced by the industries which contribute more as far as economy is concerned.
They should at least be bridged to be engaged with the participatory economy. participated rather than being manipulated in the economy… and there can be many young guys acting as cross-cultural communicators bridging betwixt the Chinese cultural staffs including the jade/wood/elephant-teeth carvers, musicians and painters to get them participated in the economy and be engaged with the world, this is also for the cultural exchange betwixt China and the world to preserve the cultural richness.
Thanks and regards! Jung

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