20110328 Random Thoughts by Jun Wang

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20110328The accurate language and the vague language

The static notions and the dynamic notions

The accurate language with the static concepts mapping the world is helpful for thinking which is to link the connextions which already potentially exist in the language (yes, the connextions exist in language rather than in the external world), with the connections, the concepts are linked to form a system to apply the world to explain the way it is for the convenience of life (we wish to live with certainties).

Most systems the westerners built with the static concepts are static with no self-evolution. When there is one gap to be covered, and more wealthy concept needs to be invited to cover the gap, like God is a wealthy notion and covers a large gap.

With the human experience enriches, the system/model we use can not fill in the world to explan the way it is, a new system (whether philosophical, physical or mathematical..) needs to be built to replace the old ones.

Connextions betwixt man and the external world
One big difference betwixt China and the west is the way we deal with the connexion betwixt man and the external world. It is easy to find the relationship betwixt things and grab some rules in an conceptual language, the creativity is that the intelligence reproduces the rules it grabs from A and apply them to B, and it is easy to find the relationship betwixt things in a conceptual language and alter the reality of the external world with the intelligence’s creativity.

Chinese language has got words which correspond to many vague nations, it is easy confuse them and make head hurt, and it is easy life not to think but to pick up the answers from others or link the notions with imagination… and feel content with the imagination

And it is good to feel(rather then think) things with the dynamic notions.

And unlike mathemattics or physics, culture and life are a sphere and we can see a different fact or truth when you to observe it from a different prospective, and to build a system from any prospective does not match the external truth, and the systems may conflict each other even though they each might be true. So static conceptual language is not flexible(dynamic) in these areas.

Back to relationship betwixt man and the external world
Life is good if in harmony with the external world(nature), intelligence treats the external world as the object and alters it with the intelligence’s creativity.  Chinese deal with the relationship betwixt each other and neglected the importance betwixt the relationship betwixt human and the external world. With less creativity to apply to the external world, they tend to benefit from each other and practise the games.

They can not deal with complexity, in fact they create lots of complexities in their work and life with their vague language. Westerners apply structures in things and make them function in accordance with their own nature, a complexity is a combination of different simplities, and by analysis there simplities will emerge and we can handle them properly, but some people do not think that way.

But thinking in category causes many problems as well, if we do not have a language, we would find differences in the external world, but we do not find orders in it and of course, we humans look different but we do not see ‘classes’, we created this category for the covenience of politics and economy with the tool of language and put different people into different classes.

Difference exists, but class or inequality does not exit but exists in the mind. We do apply the rules we grab from A to B, this can be creative but sometimes counter-creative. neither equality nor inequality exists actually in an area apart from mathematics, but it is good to apply this mathematical rule to the human life.

Jung R. Wang

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