20110427 Random Thoughts by Jun Wang

Mathematical language is static as far as the concepts behind are concerned, so is physics…
we link them mechanically though logic.
We define the static conceptions as the objects and then link them and that’s why the systems are built and they are easier than culture of which the objects are dynamic.
but the dairy language is different and we create problems with the misuse of language and we solve them with language.

We shall find facts and facts only if we observe the world, there’s so such thing as conflict, now we come to the conclusion that facts are not natural but social, mental, lingustic, ideal and ideological. Dilemmas, paradox are not factual either, but are the notions that humans suffer/bear or conceive – then how do we humans conceive the ideas? That I will discuss in another essay.. 🙂

If I met a girl who says she wants an ice-cream because it is hot, there’s a cause for her decision, but if she suddenly says she wants an ice-cream, this is casual and there’s no reason…  if I ask the question why… she will find it difficult to answer and in order to respond, she will have to create a cause/reason in answering this ‘why’ question…

If someone asks what my feeling was when that thing happened, what my thinking was… questions of this sort are silly sometimes because we do have accurate feelings or thoughts when we experience a thing, but most of the time we behave mechanically with no thought or feeling…

I did not reflect on my feeling or thinking on that thing(anything for instance) when I experienced that thing, we do things mostly unconsciously.. like I have lunch, a ‘smart’ interviewer asks me what I think. I eat mechanically, I do not think when I eat, but I have to create some feeling or thought in my imagination to describe to her/him to show that I am productive in answering. Yes in answering to these questions, we have to create lies to feedback to the question asker… we create confusions via language.

Another thing is if someone asks you what is your feeling or thought when you eat, you would answer with you feeling or thought concerning the food usually, why not create an answer concerning eating itself..
‘Well I fell like opening my mouth and…’ that’s a peculiar answer but a good answer.

Any feeling is not accurate, and is expressed in images and sounds(music),
I say, the depression is like lid attached to my imagination pressing my head
I feel she’s attached to my imagination floating over my head, and I can not survive without her or I think of a rose as the correspondence of a feeling but I can not describe it as ‘ it is this this and this…’, I always needs to talk about something else(an image, a story) to denote these feelings…
thought is easy but feeling is difficult.

Jun Wang


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2 Responses to 20110427 Random Thoughts by Jun Wang

  1. Mathematical language is not static ! Like in :
    Let P[B] a polynomial of order B, then we have P[A]+P[C]=P[C] when C>A.
    Mathematical language is precise and everything as to be well defined.
    Also although one manipulate abstract concepts in maths, these are also well defined.
    In maths, we manipulates objects and classes of objects. Even relations and properties can be seen as “objects”.
    By nature, maths are dynamics.

    Today human languages are well defined too. Each word is described in a proper dictionary which is validated by some instances having that ability. The problem do not come from the language but from people being not used to put words on complex abstract things like sentiments. It’s a utterly hard task !

    Also, if you look at Jacobson diagram, mastering communication is hard, there is so much to take into account.

    People tends to interpret things and fill in the blank when they do not understand instead of simply asking. So you could employ the right words at the right time in the right place and mastering the context but not your interlocutor !
    If you try to, by asking for feedback periodically, your mate will be annoyed even feel hurt. Communication will break in one way.

    The point is that «Clear communication» is reserved to people being able to set up it !
    Generally INTP / INTJ (see MBTI) ones.

    • Jun Wang says:

      Mathematical language is static as far as the notions defined and the rules as transcendental reality or formal reality are concerned. That’s what I was saying.

      Such emotions as sentiments are not to be described accurately in words but art, for instance, musik, as words be defined might kill the meanings, because emotions do not have the same structure as language… as long as we use words, we also need to follow the rules existing in the words.

      if you ask people concerning the creativity, for us it is conceptual and intuitive, but there’s also creativity of the sensing… an engineer creates another way possibly… besides, if you ask about the creativity in cooking, that’s quite different…


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