20110827 Random Thoughts by Jun Wang

The big picture guys can easily neglect the details, though they construct big plans/pictures in their heads with strategic intelligence, but the execution can be a problem for them. Rational thinking is the calculation of concepts and those who manipulate conceptual language usually have difficulty in the manipulation of tools such as guns and scalpel, and those who manipulate tools can have difficulty in language, many of them are not good speakers.

Sorry for my formulation, back to the big picture guys, if without the practise of tactical, diplomatic or logistical intelligence, they can not really execute things, they need to make things happen though other people.
The logistical guys handle details well, being sensing type, seeking for worldly success, they are also good guardians, living into the past, protecting the orders defined previously – orders of social structure, laws, quality and they are usually good lawyers, quality managers and manufacturing managers, the thing that they have in common is that they all live with the rules defined in the past, and gradually, being devoting their energy/inclination to protecting the old rules, they can not develop long visions, and they can be obstacles if there requires transformation in an enterprise.
I have met many tacticians in my life who are quick in decisions even though they have not evaluated the possibilities of a stuff – either because the rest guys do not know the stuffs and and can not discover the tactians’ mistakes or because after making a quick decision, it is no wise for the rest colleagues to exposure the tacticians’ mistakes in the meetings. Many tacticians are functional and moral opportunists –
being opportunists, many of them make great contributions, with probing feature, they cheat in the procedure or function, and are successful in cooperate world(business) and invention(technology), the formal is procedure opportunists and the later and functional opportunists but not with tactic intelligence but strategical intelligence, anyway, I dislike any moral opportunists.
The big picture guys can communicate with people of senior levels well, but might be fucked up by little people in their lives, I observed someone strategists, they have beautiful pictures in their heads, speaking a future and speculative language(if…then… style because future can not be sensed, it is uncertain and future language has to be speculative), one can not really live into the future but to bring the future into the present to live(as the logistical type can not live into the past but to bring the previous orders into the present to live and protect),  they can be pessimistic and worried about the future, and with proper direction, they can be very useful for an enterprise as they can list and evaluate the possibilities for a future thing with enough datas to calculate(I mean ‘think’).
They have big pictures in intuition, and intuiting is the way they receive datas, differing from sensing, the logistical type and tacticians are mainly sensing guys, you might noticed that Einstein does not really sense things in the outer world as his hair and beards are a mess and he does not sense many worldly stuffs(and those who are good at rational abstraction can be dumb in body language and tongue), but sensing type observe things well and can remember your hair style, your facial expression well and read your facial expressions well, the former in an enterprise can be advisors whilst the later eyes and ears for the boss.
Every person is important and useful for the sort of person he/she is, the thing is he/she needs to learn how she/he is and find the proper positions and handle stuffs with his given talent. To learn who you are is really not enough, you also need to learn the sorts that other people are, many strategists are are beautiful minds, but are trapped by small minds – tacticians and diplomatic type.
I observed TaiChi KungFu, when someone attacks you, you need to twist the power back without pointing back to her(hurting her) and the power gradually vanishes. For if you do not handle it softly and smoothly, you either dodge or twist the power back, in either case, she will stick to you as she has not found satisfication from you yet.
This is also true with the communication with people, as sometimes there’s some little woman who tries to speak a strange(dominant tongue) to you to diminish your confidence so as to be always dominant and superior to you – I mean she finds job security from you. Some sweet words without hurting her will work – TaiChi
Thanks! Jun


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