Random Thoughts 20111009 by Jun Wang

Random Thoughts 20111009

Symbolic skills and Sensory skills

I am here to distinguish betwixt symbolic skills, which exist in philosophy, poetry
etc though language, and the sensory skills which includes music, sports, interpersonal skills. The difference is that symbols are in visions and language and the ‘eyes’ see them

People visualise and mentalise things I sense and intuit with pictures and concepts, and the products are thoughts – the expression of thoughts is (mostly) through language… people of symbolic skills like talking, discussing and writing, and because they see notions and symbols in the imagination, they usually do not have strong eyesight focuses and their body languages are dumb…

Music is sensory skill, personally I respond to the ordered rythems and structures and the ideas in it only.That means I dig into one hole and neglect the rest whole world, like someone playing basketball-he probably has symbolic skills as well, obviously he has body intelligence or sensory skills and the body can feel the intentions of others and the matrix of space… But I would visualise a picture and mentalise with notions… We have different skills…

To help people know who they are- we need to learn to distinguish the ways people receive information, the ways people conculate information and the ways people execute(with ordered information, called intention in consciousness)… Though these steps, people have their priority in the skills they have…

For instance- to place the books, some put chemistry books near physics books and put English books aside(thinking in category), some place from tallest to lowest(sequential series in space).. I mean people have priority and habit in using their surviving skills they mastered and practise them more than the rest as mentioned above, the skills they receive information , the way they compute the information)… And they become different sorts of people-the skills are also sharped by the social and cultural instructments or codes-then they need to plan to find fine positions in society and gain things they want according to their styles to fulfill themselves and mostly be happy(that s most important).

to be continued…

Regards! Jun

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