Random Thoughts 20111206 by Jun Wang

according to Gustav Jung Carl’s psychological types…

introvert thinking(similar with deduction or deconstruction) is to deduce/extract from existing principles to some individual result… and lawyers, manufacturing managers and quality managers are introvert thinking work.. for a manufacturing manager conducts his work in accordance with the existing manufacturing standards, a lawyer deduce something from a big premise, they are past vision and past language guys, they are guardians of logistical intelligence

extrovert thinking(similar with induction, integration and construction) is to construct/synthesize from the existing facts… conceptualise and construct, they like to have theories to explain things, they are strategical… extrovert thinking speaks a future language of possibilities…

as far as the management is concerned, the top is man of vision, future vision and future language.. their job job is to make future visions/plans based on the existing information… under them, there should be guardians of past vision, and past language… (of course lawyers and quality managers speak a past language and their work is conducted according to the rules set in the past), they are conventional guardians- they are to ensure that the visions are executed…

this matches Plato’s Republic theory of course…

an example is – lawyer(introvert thinking work) and jurist (extrovert thinking work), a lawyer works in accordance with the laws set by the jurist, and it is difficult for a lawyer to work the work of a jurist, it is difficult to switch from one thinking to opposite thinking

specially in those big structured companies people practise one sort of work everyday, and can not develop the opposite of themselves…

apart from strategy and guardian, there should be tactics who are in the battlefront,

the information goes to the strategists, who make decisions

guardians are to make sure the visions/decisions are executed – and also feed back the the information to the strategist who’s to make future plan…

tacticians are in the frontbattle (to use their body language and facial expressions to make things happen… these guys are good at it) – like in a campus outdoor activity, the teacher says we are to send someone to the training of …. a tactician says’ yes I like it hehehehe…’ they are quick and grab the opportunity(high EQ)

these become a matrix… in fact a boss can be a strategist, because if he is a diplomatic guy or tactician, he usually makes the management complicated… but the start-up businessmen are usually tacticians…

by the way, my extrovert thinking is stronger than my introverted thinking, and there are issues which i am not in position to think about… I kept the thoughts to myself, so that they do not cause me trouble.


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