Random Thought 20120429

The thinking mind is the blessing (some might say curse) of everyone in the human species. The professional thinking minds – academics who take thinking as a career, and who write research papers, often talk about one aspect of our world and life. They are judged more formally in the review of their writing by their peers, and in the success of their ideas. In that case authority and thinking is monopolised by them.

Now the the complex technology has made the expression of ideas more accessible to the common man, to think for oneself and to have one’s own voice is more possible… and TED is one of them… but lots of content is lost during the communication via the internet.

perception shaped by cultural background and individual experience –
thinking (thinking methods are universal) –
communication with the content which is the product of thinking (via a media, say video, community meeting…) –
comprehension –

I kept thinking my own thoughts, with my spiritual being floating over my physical being, observing myself and the society I am within… the aloofness of mind caused me naive and arrogant sometimes until these years I learnt to think and feel how people think and feel, and try to share the versions of the people’s different visions of the world and life… and what values people hold for them…

However, the thinking minds think and express their ideas via language mostly, what else is processed via a human function with the absence of the language…and we can not speak of… or talk about?
What is the say that music has?
if the legality betwixt language and reason is accuracy – what if language can not speak for herself, will reason survive? in this case has love which has no accuracy her own reason?
what is the human feeling that accurate language can not capture?
What functions else humans have got part from thinking? what are their products and how are they conveyed?


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