the perception and the browser

what are presented to our perception on the browser are not;

on the servers, the data are chaotic, they might even be in different servers.
but from the servers where they are chaotically located, to what are presented on the browser to our perception, there are:
the codes, schemas or programmings that make them what/where they are, how they are related on the browser;
to change the code a little bit, the picture might be a bit bigger and the slides might be quicker
this is how we perceive actually:
things in themselves are unknown to us
they are presented to our perception – the farther they are, the smaller they are etc when we see. it means the perception has it own rules to construct the vision,
there are also formulas in the head when we calculate a thing,
we interpret things in terms of ourselves(our own formulas/schemas in our minds) and PROJECT the PICTURE back onto the object;
to change the thinking schema, the vision of truth programmed with the schema can be completely different in the mind, to be projected onto the object;
when you talk a thing bigger than her schema, or a thing which her schema doesn’t apply – the vision she constructs/distorts can be completely wrong, but she is going to project the picture on to you – she drags you into her small formula – then in the communication you probably need to present both the picture and the schema to her to compute/calculate( but with limited experience or… it might be still difficult for her to understand)
now visual thinking, abstruction or whatever:
from my observation, this is completely difficult for Chinese women – I met two German women who could take the languages with pictures attached(not sentimental pictures, but the logical schemas/structures) – it might be because of their language which helps them think in pictures
it is also because they travel a lot( independently sometimes), this help them think indepedently and think in vision, and switch the schemas in the heads when thinking

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One Response to the perception and the browser

  1. Gregg Umipeg says:

    恭喜!现在你解男性和女性的理解谜了。This is the beginning…
    My ex-wives were both confusing people. They claim I was confusing too. My expectation of the Asian wife was not met. Their expectation of the American husband was also far off. If we both left our preconceptions behind, perhaps things would have had a different outcome. Relationships should be dynamic, not set in some kind of unchangeable formula based on the misunderstandings of culture. 可笑是她们想我的样子很像美国人,所以我应该跟美国电影上的美国男人差不多一样。可是我年轻的时候跟一个亚洲家里住在一起,我的态度跟大部分的美国人不一样。懂我的意思吗?

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