american democracy has and is more sale

prior to microblogs, we had blogs which were open, free and democratic to all, but most humans couldn’t voice too much, microblogs were then innovated, it is indeed a democratic product, because to write blogs you would need to have much to say, but to write microblogs, it is to everyone’s level. you can write:
this is my lunch,
beautiful day,
damn weather,
traffic sucks…
microblog is a democratic product that us americans evolved and innovated to present to the world, but I am not sure if this democratic product lifts the humanity or not – a question to be answered…
but I do know that microblogs have more customers\users than blogs, this is the special relationship betwixt democracy and sales\consumption

if we observe american capitalism, they sell products like cars, Hagen Das, KFC, mobile apps… the target customers are common people, the returns are dependent of how many customers they have and how many times the products are purchased…
when you speak to 3 decent audiences, you raise your language to the average level, when you speak to 3 billions of audiences whom you set as your target customers, you lower your language so that everyone understand what you say(people are content in arenas when they are entertained), because you want them to buy, and in return, you award these rednecks, hillbillies and king kongs with freedom and democracy.
movies, brainwashing ads and mainstream media advocate their way of lives is superior, right and just, mastermind lords like Steve Jobs deliver overwhelming addresses to make you addicted to their products including useless and meaningless apps. you must buy, otherwise you are screwed. self-content economy like Iran is deemed wrong.
humanity remains undeveloped despite the consumption of products, wars and theories concerning success and sales are innovated to fuel and lubricate the consumption. they tell you Facebook on which people click on `like` and `share` symbolises freedom and democracy, but it doesn’t do any good to human knowledge or humanity.
to keep the system working, these piles are based:
raw materials(cotton, steel, iron etc);
energy (gas, coal, oil etc.);
finance(the currency you pay with when you buy, raw materials of industries and energies are all traded in bucks by enforcement);
routes(south china sea and Hormuz strait for instance)

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