APIDEC 13rd-16th Nov. 2017

i will make my presentence in adipec from 13rd to 16th nov 2017 in Abu Dhabi. i wish i could network with more supplier- manufacturers, freight providers, equipment rental companies, and oilfield (technical) service providers.

please advise fill in the tables before so that i can learn the information about your company, service and products and establish conversations.

I also look forward to meeting you in person in ADIPEC 2017









the wisdom of a machinist

if you follow the pictures i animate/simulate, you shall find the thinking interesting

when a task is to be completed by a machinist, for instance he needs to drill/cut/weld something(the external reality)
the thing/external reality is presented to his sense of seeing
prior to the solution to the task is carried out, he reorgnises in his head the pictures correspondent to the external reality to create a solution
the pictures reorgnised/processed or whatever, are projected onto the external reality(he calculates the possibility) and are to alter the external reality

and this process can be reproduced in new situations, in our rationalised dreams for instance –
1, the external reality presented to senses – the sense of seeing for instance,
2, the pictures correspondent to the external reality in our heads are created, they are exactly parallel to the external reality
3, the mind processes or reorgnises the mental pictures in terms of some certain rules we are programmed with by education, experience etc. it could be predesigned picture in a manual or the rules we create in terms of the newly interpretation of the situations – we create when we interpret
4, the processed pictures are to be projected on to the external reality for the evaluation(how to evaluate)
it becomes the genuine alternative to the external reality(action plan to the target)

apart from oil mechanics , i have lots of ideas concerning creativity.
when you move a rule to another situation, it is called reproduction, it is creativity
when you create when you interpret, you are more creative
when one handles a rule in a situation, it is ok, if one handles a combination/complexity of many rules of simplity, drilling is this sort of

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on the spontaneity of the intelligence

one of the best authors I fancy is Oscar Wilde. I have read only one Chinese translation of his book, he wrote with the images and the associated feelings flowing with his words.

I am often told that I conduct a language with the flowing images as well, but I have not learnt how to make the feelings flow or assemble, lift, unit or enhance the emotions of the audiences.

I am a visual man, and I link the images, concepts and notions and module them in visual patterns and schemas or categories when I speak or think. to think is not to drag the sensing data of the situation selectively into the existing scheme in the head to produce an idea to project onto the external world. such thinking is unrealistically ambious, but it fails in thinking.

When the situation is beyond the existing scheme, he perceives selectively so that the scheme applies. that the applications of the scheme(quality, quantity, cause and effect, connection etc.)exceeds her boundaries causes a transcendental illusion, and her conclusion is biased, and prejudice raises.

to question the existing scheme\formula and create, amend and alter it upon the perception and interpretation of the external situation presented to his senses is important. and the reproduction of the scheme constructed in a newly created situation is the spontaneity of the intelligence and is called creativity.

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2013 blogging in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

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A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 980 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 16 trips to carry that many people.

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