Subsea Flexible Pipelines (API 17J) Fabrication for Dongfang Gasfield 1-1 70 meters Shallow Water S-Lay

i was involved in the subsea pipeline fabrication for 1 month
it was fabricated in Wudi, Shandong, continental China
to be installed in Dongfang Gasfield 1-1, 70 meters shallow water
they lighted some fireworks into heaven and threw some livestock into seawater
and then ignited the engine of the pipelay vessel to sail ;-p
it was shallow water S-Lay


Jack-up yard relocation from Wudi to Changsu China

due to the success of our first MOPU – mobile offshore production unit, which was chartered by Roc Oil to serve in Bohai basin 30 meters ultra shallow water.
the self-propelled mopu was a combination of production and workover functions(
equivalent with a liftboat but had piles in link with spudcans or mat) and the dairy chartering rate was also an epic economic triumph.
we decided to relocate the jackup/liftboat/mopu fabrication to Changsu nearby the Yangtsi River. and the local government were very supportive and seeked to moor us there to contribute to their GDP with a local man sent to work inside us whilst one of our leaders intended to retain the fabrication yard in Wudi, Shandong
i reserved and detached myself from the politics with the absence of checks and balance, and strove to continue my career in commerce, alas!

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