Random Thoughts concerning Cementing 20150802

Cementing is to seal the annular betwixt the casing pipe and the wellbore with cement slurry injected into the casing pipe,and with pressure on it, it comes up from the annular, it prevents the wellbore from collapse.

To cement is to cement with service and equipment, and the functions occur both on the surface(ground) and subsurface(downhole), any oilfield service is accomplished through the equipment, the service provider is aware of the functions of the equipment, and the equipment provider fabricates. This is also true with drilling service and drilling equipment (rig, including derrick/mast, drawworks, catwalk, hook, traveling block, doghouse etc. equipment provider fabricates and service provider operates).

This is equally true with fracturing. The fact is fracturing seems to be the enlargement of cementing as far as the surface tools and surface operation are concerned. For instance, all the functions of cementing are integrated in the cementing equipment, lets say a skid, it is integrated with blending system, manifolds etc. It is an integration in one device, but fracturing divides it, a blender/blending truck is the enlargement of the cementing skid blending system, a manifold truck is the enlargement of the manifolds in a cementing skid.

Cement equipment a trailer, truck-mounted truck or skid, consists of the following:

  • The drive/power/energy that comes from an engine
  • Blending system in a mixing tank
  • Hydraulic system (centrifuge pumps and the things in the mixing tank are hydraulically driven)
  • Lubricating system
  • Manifolds lower pressure in the mixing tank and high pressure manifolds that connect blender pump and cementing head, and cement head connects with the downhole
  • Etc.
  • And a monitor, whatever you call it, panel, console whatever, drilling rig, fracturing unit, top drive drilling system, they each has a console to monitor.


The engine provides the drive to the entire system,

  • 1, most of energy goes through the transmission and driveline to a plunger pump,
  • 2, But a small part of the energy of the engine goes to hydraulic system (blending system and centrifugal pumps), it blends with agitator, jet mixer, diffuser in a mixing tank, then the recirculating centrifugal pump circulates it, and boost centrifugal pump boosts the slurry(mixture of cement, water and additives) into the previously mentioned plunger pump which consumes most the engine energy, another centrifugal pump is called mix water, it is in conjunction with the external water source and supplies water into the blending system in mixing tank.

The cement slurry goes from the plunger to high pressure manifolds and then cementing heads into the downhole.

And 1(plunger pump, also called cement pump or big pump) plus 2(hydraulic pumps or small pumps), is nearly equivalent with the engine power because despite these two sources of energy are both supplied by the engine, there’s tiny bit additional consumption.


That I shall work on in the near future because I have got only elementary knowledge concerning what happens in the downhole, i have no idea yet the combination of the tools and the services actuated with the tools in the downhole I know cement slurry and drilling mud are separated, with pressure added on the cement slurry, it comes up from the annular betwixt the casing pipe and wellbore, and consolidates/seals the annular. I know nothing else apart from this.

Cementing doesn’t consume lots of ink, but drilling, and drilling service and equipment are expensive, and each sort of drilling (sidetracking, multilateral drilling they each consumes lots of time and ink to describe, but I have not yet mastered them)

My knowledge concerning top drive drilling system (one month training in Daqing oilfield in 2015), based on National Oilwell Varco TD Drilling System although the training is not provide by them. and subsea pipelines (flexible, based on API 17B&J, one month, training occurred in a shire yard and pipelaying vessel in Shandong in 2014)

They are very much fascinating, they both occurred on site, I shall certainly post in the near future.

Jun Wang

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