a class society of mobilities

Weeks ago I met an Englishman from southwestern England. His accent, the way he spoke and the behaviors he conducted were very decent. When I conducted a conversation with him. He would regard me as a well educated upper class man. I am very happy about my continuous self training concerning accent. but I am a small position in society ☺

Apart from the accent training, I have been covering the pages by George Orwell concerning Charles Dickens, Charles Dickens was said to be a petite bourgeoisie, the struggling class betwixt lower class and lower middle class whilst George Orwell(or Eric Blair)  was obviously lower class with upper class accent. that he acquired good accent caused him problems, he could not change his posh accent when he was doing a lower class job.

Charles Dickens was of petite bourgeoisie mentality, he sued the society`s inequality, and projected his own idea of education and transformation onto the writings, but he only wanted to talk about it and he had no constructive analysis or solutions. he simply criticised a society of bad reality and imaged a good society of possibilities. there was no alternative to the existing reality, he approached the existing rules for betterment rather think of an alternative. in this case, John Lock was very much creative.

China is a petite bourgeoisie society(I am one of them but my mentality transcend). peasants became industrial labours and then their children who serve in the industrialized society are detached from agricultural cultivation or industrial fabrication. the absence of the contact with agriculture or industrues make our deformed mentality – politically impotent, socially irresponsible and morally dehumanised(this is particularly true with oil industry despite many oilmen are of middle class income).

the merge of middle class society is not yet a possibility. engineering and professional service people are not many, they need to have think about the society they live in and wish for.

every society is a class society, the class society with apparent labels will cease a lot of lies and cheatings. because it takes years or generations to change the accent. in china one can just lie about his famility\educational background, lies are possible in a class society of no apparent labels.

the meditation should not be on a classless society of chaos but a class society with clear labels and diverse possibilities of class mobilities\portabilities – through accent, engineering expertise, wealth, intelligence, diligence, morality etc.

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