uplifted by the music I enjoyed

uplifted by the music I enjoyed during the lunch time. it was responding to my mind and also emotions, but unfortunately not to my senses. my senses become dull because they are over stimulated. my emotions dull too because of the over practise of the sharpness of the mind in the commercial world. it was possible to be happy through being intelligent, but it is not. to neglect any makes us an.incomplete humans, fine music and good books build good and complete humanity, it was possible in Victorian era, it is not.possible in our era. we are cut off from our divine souls, and dragged down to earth. when the pressure increases, and the wholeness or balance loses, the depression or hysteria appears, then we continue seek to stimulate our senses after work through Hollywood movies and strong music.

we have not made any progress as far as the humanity is concerned. now back to work.. Jun