Freud Speaks… by Jun Wang

At the cinema, a women with a big hat hides a major part of the film :
A) you ask her to remove her hat;
B) the seat nearby is free, so you change;
C) you say nothing and enjoy most of the film but feels unhappy the rest of the day and can not sleep well in the evening.
A is E type (extra punitive) putting the responsibility to others…
C is I type (intro punitive), blaming oneself –

Both can be very destructive… specially to those who are not treated fairly, but they still need to bear… and one becomes either destructive to the external world or the internal ordered self/consciousness of feelings or ideas…

SP tactics usually choose A, SJ middle management(gurdians) ask you to think if it is your fault(as they work in accordance with the past/existing rules), and not to blame others.. NT/NF rationals/Idealists blame the cinema (the social system, corruption of the humanity – they talk big things – many writers do so…)…they can focus on the structure rather then the content… and find bugs/holes in the structures

Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assholes!

— Sigmund Freud!

In factsometimes it is not anyone’s fault(though everyone believes it is not his fault)… there’s just a bug/mismature betwixt the self and the external world, they just do not fit… there’s no solution or the only solution is simply to go to her and exchange… but the exchange/communication can be a problem…
Sorry this analysis goes nowhere… I simply follow my logic…

Jun Wang