20110723 the human knowledge, on a static or dynamic basis by Jun Wang

20110723 the human knowledge, on a static or dynamic basis

There’s human knowledge certain, static and universally down to earth – empirical sciences and mathematics, empirical sciences starts with the objects of the sensing(five senses/empirical intuition) as the substantial basis and mathematics starts with the synthetics of the intuition(the sixth sense/pure intuition – to move objects in the imagination basically) as the basis. The words are well defined and the rules are certain and the knowledge are deduced from them…

However there is also knowledge dynamic and seeking to base them on the knowledge I mentioned in above paragraph, there are psychology, art, culture, economics and politics and we’d better each develop our own, because the theories of the English greats do not apply China. This sort of knowledge being dynamic and uncertain seeks substantial basis but can not.

Psychology is a combination of art and science, her body is art but she seeks to have a substantial basis. of empirical sciences.

The rules are certain and static in empirical sciences and mathematics, they are simple and the combinations of the simplities are complexities. Psychology is certainly more complicated than them as there’s no substantial basis and the rules are not static or certain – of course, it is dynamic.

Love of course is such a complexity, more complicated than mathematics. Loves combines many dynamic and vague feelings

I feel a language barrier In Guangzhou – what is a language barrier – it is not sensed material object but a it is sensuous and intellectual, the feeling and intuition sides of human can construct it in the mind. Of course it belongs to neither the category of empirical sciences nor mathematics.

Empirical sciences study the objects of the sensing with the logical rules, people have developed enough methods for the studies of empirical sciences and of course all are clear as the rules in thinking, intuition and sensing are discovered, but the human sciences… the sphere of the feeling, emotions… remains to be misterious and the rules are to be discovered but as you know they are all dynamic.

Jun Wang