the formula(s) in the head

when we encounter a situation – we drag it into our formulas in our heads – we probably didn’t construct the formulas, but adopted them.

some have big and high formulas, some small and low…

when a situation is bigger than the formula, we selectively drag part of the representation of the situation to the formula and come to an conclusion- we usually don’t see the whole picture, even through we might see the different picture, we might not have a big formula to map it – or we can not construct a formula which is as big as the picture in the head with the creativity of the intellect.

when it situation doesn’t match the formula, we project the meaning/picture onto the situation first and then drag it back to the formula to UNDERSTAND it – that means we can understand a situation as a completely different thing than what it really is or what other people understand it as. but with more thinking schema and experience, we can switch the formulas and the focal points in the big picture.

when we have a big and high formulas, when think big and come out with big ideas and we communicate with big ;-p we should always construct high and big formulas to mould the representation of the situation/facts to manufacture big and high ideas ;-p

big formulas – cause and effect David Hume, John Stuart Mill),
small formulas –
regional racism – when you mention a thing, they put it in the regional racism formula to think, and believe you are talking about small things like they do ;-(
feeling – when you voice a sentence of reason – but they might focus on the feelings that project onto the sentences and react emotionally – that human race was apes is supposed to be a proposition/statement
(some people drag the CONNECTION into their big/high formula to conculate)

but feeling can be high and big formula also ;-p

when people communicate – they formula and content are important, when they dont have the same formulas, they are lost in the translation of the languages, and misunderstand ;-p